Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY Chicken Wire Christmas Card Holder

I love this thing!
I mean don't get me wrong, hanging Christmas cards on your fridge is totally fine, but this pretty thing makes receiving cards that much more fun!
Plus, our fridge is currently covered in ultrasounds of our tiny girl.
Also, this was SO easy to make!
Like, 3 steps easy.
So awesome.
I took this picture when I made it in November. 
We have since gotten some actual cards and I love displaying them!
Also, I attached the winter garland with velcro so I can just take it off after the holidays and keep this up year round for important mail, wedding announcements, coupons, etc...


1) Picture frame. Size and color of your choice. I got mine from hobby lobby, because coupons, and spray painted it white.
2) Chicken Wire. Again I found this at hobby lobby and it happened to be the perfect size for my frame but it's also found at all home improvement stores!
3) Hot glue gun
4) Decorating materials of your choice
5) Hanging materials. I attached (well, my husband did) a little wall hanging hook. Most frames already have this but if not you can buy them at hobby lobby, or Michaels.
6) Clothespins. I found these cute Christmas ones in the dollar section at Michaels.


1) Spray paint frame if needed and let dry completely first.
Then place your chicken wire into your frame. If you bought more than needed cut it with a wire cutter so it will fit your frame. Once you fit it properly go to town with hot glue. A staple gun would probably work here but I don't have one and hot glue worked perfectly for me. I just hot glued the edges to the frame!

2) Once your hot glue is dry... you're really already done!
I decided to make it festive so I took two garland picks found at hobby lobby, hot glued them together (I love hot glue), then made a little boy for the middle. I hot glued a piece of velcro onto the garland and onto the frame and Ta-Da! Festive. 

3) Hang on your wall and attach all your Christmas cards with your clothespins! 
Andddd... done!

Merry Christmas friends!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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