Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Polor Express Family Night

Last year I started a new tradition I found on Pinterest. Polar Express Family Night. Every year we drive around and look at Christmas lights sometime in December but I loved the idea of turning it into a Mini Van Express.

While Tanner was getting the girls ready for a normal bedtime routine, I went and got the car ready. I had sugar cookies, popcorn and hot chocolate waiting in their seat. I turned on the Polar Express Soundtrack very loud in the car. 
When the girls got in bed they saw their "Ticket" on their pillow. Let the giggling begin! 
You can find a print out of Tickets here (courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler.) 
When Tanner told the girls to come down stairs, they saw him with a goofy looking hat like a conductor. He asked for their ticket, whole punched it and lead them to their seats. They were so happy. This was a night that will forever stay with me. 
Another fun idea I added was a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. You can find the print out here. This made the night even more fun.

 "It's so much fun when Christmas comes to town"

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