Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Family Mission Statement

This post is to encourage every mother who needs something more in her home. Something more to get the spirit into her home. Our mother-in-law held Family Home Evening every Sunday night without fail. Our husbands are the men they are today because of this. When they were younger they sat around one night and threw out ideas what they wanted in their mission statement. Our father-in-law took those ideas and came up with this.

Our Family Mission Statement: 
To follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.
To love and support each other.
To have patients and respect for each other.
To use our time and talents to bless the lives of others.
To use good manners, be good sports, and build each other up.
To have each one take responsibility for making our house a clean, comfortable and heavenly place for all who enter it.
It is our ultimate goal to live together forever in the presence of the Lord.
Forever Moore.

Every Sunday night they recited this. I have taken this same mission statement and used it for my family. So give it a try. Sit with your family and come up with a mission statement that your 
family will strive to live by. I know this will bring the spirit into your home. 



  1. Oh Alana you and I are so connected! Logan and I just started brainstorming for our mission statement this morning:)