Tuesday, November 18, 2014

7 steps to decorate a Christmas tree

Today I put up my tree. I am no pro but I do get lots of compliments on my tree so I thought I would share the steps I do to decorate my Christmas tree.

1. Decorate a tree the way YOU want to decorate it. Some people like big, going on "rowdy" trees, others like simple trees. Do what YOU want. Red is a Christmas color staple but I don't like red. I chose to decorate a tree with no red in it. I love pearls, so I put pearls in my tree. Add personal touches that represent you or your family.

2. Lights- My tree is a fake 7.5 pre-lit tree. I add more lights than what the tree gives me. Don't be afraid to add A LOT. Lights just make everything better.

3. Ribbon- If you put ribbon on your tree, do this first. This is the bulk of the decorations. I cascade mine from top to bottom.

4. Start stuffing- No not your bras. The inside of the tree. Whatever flower, object or decor you want in your tree, stuff it. Dig it deep in there. This will make your tree look very full.

5. Hang outs- Now start stuffing your tree with objects that will hang out of your tree. (This is my favorite part). This gives such great dimension and life to the tree.

6. Ornaments- The last item that goes on the bulk of the tree is the ornament (ironic). Get different shapes and sizes. I love BIG ornaments. I also have words and phrases in my tree. Get creative.

7. Topper- Of course the last item of business is the topper. For my tree I have glittering sticks and golden poinsettias for the top.

 There you go. 7 steps for an awesome tree. Don't be afraid to be different with your tree. Do what you love and go with it. If you ever think you have "too much" for your tree, trust me, you can never have "too much" for your tree. That is just silly. 

Happy Decorating!


  1. I learned so much here!! Thanks for sharing Alana ;) I know you learned from the best.