Monday, November 24, 2014

Be Merry Canvas

Yay! Another Christmas craft!
Because doing things your self, gives the best feeling of accomplishment :)
This simple little canvas art sign was so easy to do and turned out super cute!
I love the way is spruces up my shelves.
Not to mention, I think it costed all of $5-$7 to make and I just saw a very similar one for sale on an etsy shop for $30!
Seriously, just do it your self ;)


1) Canvas
2) Wooden deer cutout (found at Michael's craft store)
3) Painters tape
4) Glitter (your choice of color)
5) Craft paint (your choice of color)
6) Paintbrushes
7) Hot glue gun. (or tacky glue, probably even super glue)
8) Paint pen


1) Evenly place your tape on your canvas. I wanted thicker stripes so I did my tape 2 wide. Then paint the white part your color of choice. While it is drying, paint and glitter your deer cutout. I did two coats of gold paint and on the last coat I sprinkled my glitter while it was still wet.

2) Remove the tape and use white paint to fix any uneven areas.

3) Hot glue your deer cutout onto the center or the canvas

4) Use a paint pen to write "Be Merry" or whatever other Christmas saying you choose :)
And... Done!

Simple as that!
Yay Christmas!
and Thanksgiving... I've been craving mashed potatoes the past two weeks!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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