Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Favorite Nail Polish Color EVER!

The most beautiful nail polish color in the world (in my humble opinion). 
I'm super girly and have always had a knack for all things hair, makeup, and nails.
I could talk about it all day! It makes me happy.

I will begin my first beauty post that I've ever done in my life with 
OPI's "Cozu-Melted in the Sun." 
I stumbled across this gem a few years when I had a job at a beauty supply store. 
Once I started wearing it, I got a lot of customers who loved it too! 
So you'll get your fair share of compliments wearing this. 

Cozu-melted in the Sun, in my own words, is a combination of a lot of different colors. 
It's like a rose gold with a hint of plum. That's why I love it!! 
It mimics a Caribbean sunset, hence the reason why it's named after Cozumel, Mexico (doesn't OPI come up with the most clever names??)
And it's loaded with shimmer, which is perfect for me because Imma bling kinda girl. 

I took this picture outside so you could see it in its truest form. 
The formula is thin, so it dries very quickly. 
I did two coats of color. If you're really in a hurry you could get away with one coat since it's not opaque at all. Two coats is best though.
It looks beautiful on all skin tones too. It's warm with gold shimmer but also has pink and plum to complement the cool skin tones.
If you like wearing nail colors according to the seasons, this one suits them all-very shimmery for fall/winter, light enough for spring/summer.
It's not too subtle, not too bold.
 It looks fabulous with whatever colored clothes you wear. 
It's such a classic, timeless color. OPI got this one right.
There's just too much pretty in one bottle!!

Also, this is the best dry fast top coat out there. 
I love doing my nails, but hate waiting for them to dry! 
This makes it so your nails are dry in five minutes or less depending on how many coats you did and thin the formula is.
I know at least a couple other Moore girls use this stuff, too! It's amazing.
You won't regret buying either of these polishes!!

Told you I could go on and on, but I'll stop here :-)
Happy polishing!

Stay Classy,

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