Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Nails Inspiration!

Doing your nails during the holidays is SO FUN! (okay for me it's pretty much ANY time of the year) 
During the fall/winter months it's so pretty to wear the bold and/or sparkly colors to brighten up dreary weather and compliment all the fall and Christmas decor.
Even if you just have one bottle of sparkly polish, you can use it in lots of different ways! 

So today I'm showcasing these five beauties. 
From left to right: Sally Hansen "The Golden Rule", Nicole by OPI "Haley Good Lookin", OPI "Mauving to Manitoba", OPI "Pompeii Purple", and OPI "The Thrill of Brazil." 

(Thumb-Pompeii Purple, Index-Mauving to Manitoba, Third-The Thrill of Brazil, Ring-Haley Good Lookin, Pinky-The Golden Rule)

Pompeii Purple is GORGEOUS. This picture just doesn't even do justice. It's like a reddish pink with a purple iridescence. Very flattering for all skin tones. So so pretty.

Mauving to Manitoba is a basically what is says. A dark mauve color-brownish, pinkish purple color.
 My husband jokes about the color mauve as I tried a long time ago to explain the color to him, but he still doesn't get it because it's too ambiguous (he's a guy, only understands ROYGBP). So now he jokes and just says everything is mauve because every color is in mauve. Haha! Which he does kinda have a point ;-) 
And that's just one of the funny conversations us Moores have.

The Thrill of Brazil  is a darker, true red. In case you're unfamiliar with undertones, a true red means it's not a blue or pinky-red (which is a cool toned) and it's also not an orangey-red (warm toned). I love true reds because they're neutral. And I have a neutral skin tone. 

Dude, that's a post all on it's own!
When I worked at Macy's at the Clinique counter couple years back that was 90% of my job. Most people came in looking for the right foundation. At first, I wasn't even a total pro with undertones so I was a little nervous, but I'm glad I was challenged because I became a total pro. My manager would commend me on my foundation matches/makeovers for people. 
So I'd love to share my knowledge with you and do a post about it if you have any questions or if foundation is just totally foreign to you!
That's what people like me are here for, no worries :-)

Haley Good Lookin' is actually more pink than in the picture. It's pretty opaque so multiple coats are needed. This is perfect for an accent color. Or painting it just at the base of all your nails.

The Golden Rule is really not that gold, because I don't like strong gold nail colors that look way to yellow. This one is a little bit more neutral. This would be fun to paint on your ring fingers and have all the other nails be red! 
Really, you should do whatever you want. 
It's glitter for crying out loud! Be creative and have fun!! :-)

So now you can look fabulous for the holidays (or maybe you know what you want as a stocking stuffer now??) ;-)

Stay Classy,

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