Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Advent Calendar!

You guys, this advent calendar is my pride and joy right now. A few of my friends and I got together and ordered patterns from a really adorable etsy shop called The Sugarhouse Shop. She makes these unbelieveable cute advent calendar patterns, and ornament patterns. What's so great about this is she does all the hard work for you by giving you fantastic instructions. They are lengthy, but so detailed that even those of you who aren't the craftiest of the bunch can still make this and it will look amazing. If you're feeling bored with lots of time (and holiday spirit) on your hands, I suggest you go browse this shop and find something to add to your Christmas cheer.

P.S. if you haven't gathered, THE MOORE'S LOVE CHRISTMAS.



  1. This turned out so darling! I'm proud of you:)

  2. Yeah Michelle I agree, everyone needs to check out The Sugar House Shop! I totally thought I would finish my advent calendar first and I was WRONG!!! You knocked it out of the park though and all I can say is WELL DONE! Also, where has his blog been all my life? So cute girls!!!