Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hey, I'm Aubrie!

Welcome to our blog! I am a 26 year old wife to my wonderful husband, Kyle and mother to my sweet little miracle girl, Rylie.  Kyle and I were married in the San Diego LDS Temple and have been married for two and a half exciting years packed with fun and adventure! We are both from San Diego, California and love the warm weather and going to the beach!

Our story started back 5 years ago when we met the summer before my mission to Seattle Washington. He patiently waited for me for a year and a half and wrote me every week. When I got home in April, we picked up where we left off, dated for a few months, were engaged that August and married the following April. We then traveled to the east coast where Kyle was an intern for a Physical Therapist in Albemarle, North Carolina. We had a blast and absolutely loved it there! A few months later, a second internship would take us to Alexandria, Louisiana. Another place we fell in love with! We could hardly sit still and traveled everywhere seeing all that we could and taking advantage of our cross country road trip.

Coming home that Christmas was so nice to see our families again and Christmas Eve was especially exciting sharing the news that we were expecting a baby! However, the weeks and months to follow were not as exciting. I was extremely sick with the pregnancy and Kyle and I spent most of our time in the hospital, including our one year anniversary. On May 3, 2013, we didn't know that our lives would be forever changed. At a very early and dangerous 24 weeks, our sweet Rylie girl was born at one pound and was immediately rushed to the NICU where a team of doctors and nurses, and Heavenly Father, of course, saved her life. We spent a long 6 months sitting by her side as she was slowly nursed back to health and was finally able to come home with us. We have never witnessed so many miracles and are forever grateful to have her in our family.

Now she is a happy, healthy 15 month old learning to sit up and eat solid foods. Following a job, we now live in Peoria, Arizona and love our life here. Its very hot, but we're adjusting! I love my sisters in law and am so excited about this blog! Its for us to keep in touch and share the things we love most like, crafting, homemaking, mothering, cooking, sewing, and so much moore while living so far apart! 

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