Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You've Been Booed!

I SO wish I would have remembered this fun little tradition earlier in the Halloween season!
Growing up this was something I always looked forward to.
Then the kids in my neighborhood grew up and the tradition just kind of died.
I was thinking about Holiday traditions to start with my family today and suddenly I remembered this little game my neighborhood friends and I would play during Halloween and decided I have to carry it on because it brought so much fun and joy to me when I was younger.
So, when I got home today I quickly made this little printout and told Hunter that we were going to do it tonight.
Sure it might seem silly that the two of us did this when we don't have kids to come with us yet, but it was SO much fun to do it together!
I made cookies and got little treats to set on their doorsteps, Hunter knocked on the door, then we ran and hid to watch their reactions.
We were laughing the whole time and who doesn't love a little adrenaline rush? ;)
So, I'm sorry I'm posting this when Halloween is on Friday but you could always do it tomorrow night!
It's still a fun little family activity and you are doing service by giving treats to your neighbors and friends!
I also wanted to make sure I posted this now so I don't forget next year.
Now go Boo someone!
(and no, it isn't "boo" like when someone does something bad its "Boooo" as in what a ghost says!)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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