Thursday, June 2, 2016

Teen Beach Moive Party

 Sienna turned four this last month. She knew exactly what she wanted for her party. 

Sienna poses the best in pictures. Sisters are ready for the party.

"Crabs" chicken salad

Yes that is a homemade fire pit. The husband went to the canyon and brought home a ton of rocks to make a pit. I of course wanted to shop and click on Amazon...that didn't happen.
Plans changed when we realized the night before it wasn't going to be dark enough to project the movie outside. So we quickly improvised and made the garage a theater room.

Everyone got snow cones during the movie

Kids were literally diving for cupcakes

Play dough ice cream Sienna picked out

Daddy's inner Kenickie coming out

That smile made the day perfect.

Invitations were done by TheIndigoStudio on Etsy. Brenda is great and will make sure your invite is what you want. 

Pictures taken by my sweet sister-in-law Aleigh Joy.

Have a fantastical day!

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